Sexismus, sexuelle Belästigung und Diskriminierung von Müttern*


"Na da würde es mir auch gefallen!" *zwinkerzwinker*


Irgendein Typ auf der Straße zu einer Mutter, die ihr Baby im Tragetuch hat.






The special misogyny reserved for mothers

KOMMENTAR (31/12/2018)

NYT / Hillary Frank

"Motherhood is the most complex topic I have ever reported on. And yet it has been treated as niche and unimportant." A comment by Hillary Frank, creator of the podcast "The Longest Shortest Time".

The motherhood box: Sexism at work

BLOG EXTERN (18/09/2018)

mal ehrlich by anyworkingmum

By anonymous

"I worked hard on our first large project, putting in long days, even during school holidays, to meet our deadline. I did well and my boss was pleased. So what happened next seemed odd."